How to get an American Express Blackcard (without actually being rich). 


American Express Black card
The American Express Black card is the last word.
The American Express Black card is the last word. If you whip that bad boy out and toss it on the table at your favorite restaurant, no one will question whether you can leave a nice tip. It has a Minimum spending limit of $1M… I really don’t know what you would use the card for – other than to stunt! But, if you’ve always dreamed of owning one, here’s how you do it without turning 80 first:  

Merrick in express black card
The Requirements:

The American Express Black card is the most sought after credit card, however most people are clueless as to what it’s like to get one. Only 1% of society has one in their wallets. This credit card has the highest credit limit of our credit cards. The black card has a minimum credit limit of $1 million and higher. 

American Express requires that you first be a member with an American Express card to qualify for the black card. Secondly, it requires that you spend $500,000 (now $250,000) within one year’s billing cycle.

For most people when they hear that they must been $500,000 within a 12 month period, they consider themselves never qualifying for a black card. However, consider the strategy involving $25,000 as an investment.

American Express Black card 
Part 1: The Deposit

Deposit $25,000 on a secured American Express card. American Express allows you to deposit $300-$25,000 on there secured cards. The strategy is to deposit the maximum on a regular card, then withdraw $10,000 each month and pay it back on time… Monthly. After 12 months or one year of on time payments, the regular American Express card which was originally a secured card, Will automatically become an unsecured credit card with doubled the amount of the deposit as the new credit limit. The Centurion bank, which owns American Express, will return your original deposit after 12 months. The new card will come in the mail and will be a gold card and it will receive a $50,000 credit limit.

Within the first year you invested the $25,000 and made on time payments withdrawing $10,000 each month and sending the money to your checking account each month, then setting up automatic bill pay to send the money back to the credit card on his due date. This has now qualify you to receive the gold card, which is unsecured, meaning it has the banks money on it, with doubled the amount of your original deposit.

The next 12 month will determine whether you are invited to become a black card member. 

American Express Black card 

Part 2: Flip it

Now that you are a gold card member you will need to spend $500,000 within the next year. The billing cycle for American Express begins in January and ends with the month of December so between this time. You will need to spend half of $1 million to qualify for the black card. 

This time you will need to withdraw the whole amount each month. This means you will need to spend the $50,000 each month. This time it will not be enough to simply move money off the card into your checking account and return it to the card. This time the strategy changes because the banks are aware that the wise consumers don’t really spend their money of their credit cards anymore, but rotate the money to go off their cards each month into a checking account, then they send it back to the credit card on his due date. This practice cause they’re F.I.C.O scores to rise each month, and keeps the carts from becoming inactive. 

However, the strategy this time is to actually spend the money off the credit cards, buying items valued at $50,000 each month.

So, what items can you buy using your American Express Gold card, which you can later liquidate back into cash?


American Express travelers check
An American Express travelers check
Part 3: American Express travelers checks

Every month buy $50,000 in travelers checks, then deposit them into your checking account on the credit cards due date send the $50,000 payment back to the card. Repeat this for 12 months and you would have spent a total of $600,000 in one years time.

At this point, you have spent over the $500,000 that it takes to become an invited member of the black card. However, you did it without actually spending a dime of the credit on real items. You bought travelers checks, as a form of currency, which American Express sales, and turned them back into cash.


American Express Black card unboxing
How the black card looks when you get it in the mail.
Part 4: The fun part

Within a few weeks, expect to receive an invitation in the mail to become a black card member. The invitation really is a pre-approved credit offer. Just sign it and return it in the mail. The card will come within two weeks. Your credit limit on the card will be at least $1 million!

Warning: whatever amount that you spent on the black card will be due in full on the first of the month, so use it wisely. 😁

The whole process takes two years.

Let me know if you decide to try this, or thought it was cool, by leaving a comment below!


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