6 (not boring) mentors to watch if you want to get your stacks up

For the last couple years I’ve really been looking for people to look up to. I happened to come across a few mentors that have changed my thinking about business and personal life and finances for the better. They keep it real and tell it like it is.

1. Grant Cardone

This guy is crazy. But — Grant Cardone is a real estate f’n mastermind! With over $350 Million of real estate in his name, (yes, $350M) I think you can learn a thing or two about how to think out here in these streets. 

Get more crazy videos from Grant Cardone at http://grantcardonetv.com

2. Patrick Bet-David

I came across Patrick Bet-David on Facebook. He had this cool video up about the life of an entrepreneur that ran for 30 seconds. It literally almost made me cry. After that video I checked out his page to find some really good videos on how to become millionaires and balance it all out. You can check out that video here:

The life of an entrepreneur in 90 seconds:

For more inspirational videos from Patrick Bet-David, check out http://patrickbetdavid.com

3. Tai Lopez

Have you seen this guy (on the right) before? You probably have. This guy has been alllll over YouTube with his videos on business and life thinking. His perspective is a good one. He says that before you can have a lot of money, you have to learn how to make a lot of money by reading books; a lot of books. He’s the reason why I do the book a day challenge and it literally has changed my life. Here’s the video.

He has a couple videos that went completely viral, here’s one of my favorites:

Here in my garage (official): Lamborghini, knowledge and books with Tai Lopez

Why I read a book a day and why you should too

Check out more at Tai Lopez’ website – http://tailopez.com

4. Tony Robbins

This guy is worth $480 Million Dollars. Need I say more? His book, Money: Master the Game, sold a record million copies in the first year — then he gave all the proceeds to charity. This guy is the man. 

I like his teaching style. He makes everything make logical sense, and for the nerdy type, he has lots of charts and graphs too. 

I would send you to a link on YouTube, but I got one better. His movie I am Not your Guru, just came out on Netflix last night and you should check it out:

For more life success inspiration from Tony Robbins, go to his website http://tonyrobbins.com

5. Dave Ramsey

I call him the personal finance guru! He’s worth over $55 Million — which I think should qualify him as an expert on how to get your money right lol. Again, not a boring guy and someone who convinced me to cut up all of my credit cards. Just sayin. 

Get your budget right, get out of debt here on Dave Ramsey’s website

6. Robert Kiyosaki

This guy is Rich Dad. He wrote the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad and is a great person to follow after you do Dave Ramsey’s Financial program. He will Segway you from focusing on personal finance, to setting up your first business and teaching you business finance.

What I like about Robert Kiyosaki is that he won’t convince you to save and live frivolously, he actually believes in living well and spending money. He doesn’t want you to wait until you’re rich to spend it either. He will show you the way to spend it while you make it. Check him out!

I suggest you follow all of these guys on Twitter and subscribe to their YouTube channels (I usually watch a video a day to stay ahead of the competition) for inspiration.

Let me know if I left anybody off of this list by leaving a comment below, Or if you just liked this article. I’d love to here from you. 

Until next time, hit me up on Instagram: http://Instagram.com/iqueglobal ✌️ – Q


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