What makes #millionaires different?

I meet a lot of people that are willing to put in the time to get ahead but not willing to ‘pain it out’. What do I mean? Well, most people go to the gym, right? Let’s say two people go to the gym and spend 30 mins working out. The first guy lifts a 50lb weight for 30 mins and the second guy lifts a 100lb weight for 30 mins. Who’s muscles will look better after a while? The second guy, of course, and they both spent the same amount of time in pain.

Be the second guy. Don’t spend your time enduring average amounts of pain. Go ahead and ‘pain it out’ and pick up that 100lb-er. You could get the same results in less time (100lbs for 15 mins = 50lbs for 30 mins), or do 30 mins and see more results than your competition. It’s going to hurt anyway,

Pain it out!

– Quentin B. Smith


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