Why you shouldn’t be giving to charity.

So this is the time of giving and it’s got a lot of people confused. This time of year has people putting gifts on credit cards. Rushing out on black Friday. And buying XBOX’s for kids that already have two of them on Cyber Monday. But, The most meaningful way you can give, is by giving back.

I have some really rich friends who give to charity and I have some really poor friends that give to charity. But, the difference is my rich friends have resources to give. My poor friends don’t. Which brings me to this point: “Hustle until you don’t have to struggle – then keep hustling so you can help others that are still struggling.”

See, though you may think that doing something helpful now, may be better than doing nothing at all, you are really keeping yourself in the hole so that you will NEVER be able to earn enough income to really make a life-changing difference in the world. When my poor friends DO give to charity it’s not enough to make a large impact. He or she may give a sweater to a homeless family, but they hardly have a sweater themselves.

I suggest that you work until you have three sweaters to give one away. I would hold off on doing 10,000 hours of volunteer hours and put 10,000 hours into you craft, your business, so that one day you have enough skills to produce the income that can make a large enough contribution in the world.

If you are super eager to help right away, there is one great way to do it, which is the way we do it at Carmerica®: donate a portion of your company’s profit to charity. It will encourage you to earn more to keep helping people and you can go broke giving profits away… But, most importantly, it is the right thing to do.

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