Perfect posture, fake smiles, and big words are so last year. Here why being yourself pays. 😎

Sometimes when we meet new people, we feel the need to change up. We change how we pronounce our words, we sit up straighter, and fake laugh. Ugh. It’s stressful because we’re trying to impress somebody. But there’s no need. It’s better to be yourself from the beginning and here’s why:

You can reveal who will not accept you early in the relationship. 

You can avoid wasting 3 months of time getting a project going and realizing that you really don’t like each other enough to build a personal relationship as well. Remember, business is personal.

  • It’s Less stressful 

You won’t have to put so much thought into your body movements, the way you annunciate words, or that thought of what if they find out that I curse like a sailor.

  • It establishes company culture. 

Imagine walking into a building that you own and having to pretend to be somebody else. That’s not right. When you are yourself people that are looking to work with you already understand how you operate and what to expect. When you hire your next team member, they will be recruiting whether you know it or not based on what they tell their colleagues. Eventually a culture will be created where everyone knows what to expect from you and your establishment and what it will take to be a part of the team.

For example, our used car dealership, Carmerica™ is a team of tigers. We hold back very little in our enthusiasm and we are the hardest working team around. We are also known to play hard… You can see that from each employee’s Instagram pictures and lifestyle that we are all very alike. So, if you ever did decide to come work with us, you already know what the culture is. And best of all, I can just be myself.

  • Your true colors will show eventually.

Let’s face it, your true colors will show eventually. It’s only a matter time before a curse word flies out, or a facial expression get shown and people see that you do have an opinion. That you’re not a robot.
Just some food for thought. Leave a comment below. And follow me on the gram!


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