The one and only way to supercharge your 2018.

Everyone wants to know how to get that boost in 2017. I read a book called Leaders eat Last this week and it talked about how much more important things become when it’s a matter of life and death, which got me thinking: Why don’t we treat success like it’s life or death?

Imagine that you know you are going to die on Dec. 31st 2017. How hard would you go?

Too many times we try to be reasonable about our dreams and aspirations like we have forever. We act like 80 years is a long time to live, but it’s really not. If you want to realize all of your dreams, you have to work on them; and work on them like you are about to die.

This year, we are going to work like it’s our last chance, like it’s our last year.

2017 Let’s get it!!! – Q


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