Should you quit your job to start your business?

Many budding entrepreneurs hear those amazing stories about people who got fed up and broke free of the 9-5 cycle by quitting their jobs and never looking back. As much as I'd like to tell you that this is how it will likely go for you, it isn't.

Have a plan and be strategic about it.

In entrepreneurship, it's all about minimizing your risk in order to survive. No matter if you have $100k or $100M you are always in survivor mode. It's more strategic to not take the chance of hopping out there. Your chances are higher if you keep your job, build your business, and then switch over.

The Main Reason

The main reason why I don't suggest quitting your job and hopping out there is because health insurance is f*cking expensive. Can you imagine paying $400 a month just to cover your health insurance while starting a business and having no income? Probably not.

I didn't want to take the chance and decided to join the Air Force to get free health insurance. This may not be an option for you, but consider your job as your benefits safety net.

In Conclusion

If I wasn't clear before, my answer to should I quit my job to start a business is no.

One little trick

Instead of actually quitting your job, just imagine that you've quit your job and that you have to go hard. It will create that pressure that you need to succeed.

Hope this helps,

– Q


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