The Most Common Mistake You Make trying to Save Money

Would you rather have $10k saved up or make $10k a month?

$10k a month! No brainer, right? Yet, most people are still trying to save up a million dollars. Listen, income is your greatest wealth creation tool.

When you want to borrow money, banks don’t look at how much you’ve saved up. They look at how much you make, to determine how much you can pay back. You can pay back $30,000 way easier if you make $10k a month than if you make $3k. A higher income will allow you to take more risks because a loss will be easier to recover from.

Income is what allows you afford a more expensive car, not savings. In fact, most high earners, including myself, go broke every 30 days. We invest our savings into income producing investments, because like I said, you don’t want to be sitting on $10k in the Bank, you want to turn that into $10k a month.

Focus on your income, not your savings. 💯

I’m doing an exclusive webinar on how you can easily increase your income by a few hundred dollars a month with Bitcoin.

Comment below for an invite👇


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