7 Compelling Reasons why you need to Promote Yourself

Everybody dreads carrying their business cards. Telling people about themselves. And the occasional promotional Facebook post. But in order to hit the levels of success that we desire, deep down inside we know we need to promote ourselves more if we want our dreams to come to fruition. Everyone could use that little push.

Here are 7 compelling Reasons why you need to promote yourself more.

1. To let women/men know that you have value

Let’s be honest, who would you rather date, the cool person that no one knows is cool. Or the person that is known to be outgoing, successful, with 60k followers on Instagram and a bachelors degree to match? I know, you’re saying “I don’t care how many followers I have on Instagram” *insert little bitch voice. But other people do. And people date people who are known to be successful.

2. To let other bosses know you’re a boss

I’ve been in plenty a room where people didn’t know I made more money than them because I didn’t say anything. But let me tell you when they find out that your bosses up too. They treat you different. This also opens up new opportunities for you that bosses only extend to other bosses. Introductions are a good example. I’m not introducing you to my boss friend until I know that you’re solid. Sorry. Get your clout up.

3. To get your company name out there.

People are going to tie you to something. It might as well be something that you own.

4. To let people know you’re the real deal

Ideas don’t spread if they are not as valuable as you think they are. Things that spread are generally really good things. When people talk about you and shows that you are worthy of being talked about and promoted a.k.a. you are the real deal.

5. To show you’re committed

People that are committed to something rarely promote it. When you show that you are willing to spread the word about something it means that you really believe in it, and that in itself is worth buying into.

6. To demonstrate and influence company behavior

People that work with you and for you wall model their behavior after yours. If you curse occasionally they will curse occasionally. If you believe in being punctual they will believe in being punctual. This sets the tone and let everyone know what you are willing to stand on what you’re willing to bend the rules on without ever having to formally mention it.

7. To display your company’s culture

When people see how you act, they can generally guess that that is how your company is. If you are really relaxed and soft-spoken, they can imagine your work environment is the same. If people know that you are very intense, they know that your company is likely the same way. This goes a long way, but it will allow you to only get job applicants that understand your culture before they apply for a job position. If you promote yourself, you’ll waste less time and money on a new hire that doesn’t fit.

In conclusion

Promoting yourself may seem a tad overwhelming, but it is definitely worth it in the long run. For more boss tips get my latest book – Millennials to Millionaires: The Young Entrepreneur’s Guide To Getting Out of Debt: http://bit.ly/m2book

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– Q

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