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3 Common Misconceptions About Getting Rich… 🤑

Nowadays Im spending more money than even Im comfortable with. I mean damn, I just sent both of my parents to Cancun for 4 days – and they are separated. I Never imagined seeing so many transactions on my American Express. Who knew, this lifestyle would be so expensive? I used to think that you could just stop spending money when you want, but it doesn’t work that way; let me tell you why:


You Gotta Spend the Most Money to Get Rich…

I know, it sounds weird. But, as the saying goes, you have to spend money to make money. Most people realize that even after you have your business up and running, your business expenses will increase as you bring in more money. For example; you will have to run more Facebook ads to get more paying customers, and that is fine. But most people don’t realize that your personal expenses will continue to increase too.


Things you can expect to pay for (that you didn’t have to before):

  1. Dinners. You can’t meet with a potential partner without covering the tab. Expect to spend $250-$350 for a nice dinner out. You can’t expect to close the deal without having to pick up a tab or two.
  2. Gas. Gas isn’t expensive, if you just drive to work and back. But chances are you will be picking people up from the airport. Driving around for meetings. Shopping and going on a lot of dates because you finally got your clout up.
  3. Food. Since you will always be on the road, you won’t be eating at home anymore. You have to grab food on the road, in between meetings, at dinner, and at the most expensive place of ALL – the Airport.

Get comfortable with it

Make sure you budget for these upcoming expenses. And don’t try to keep your expenses down. They will naturally need to go up in order for you to expand your business. This will be uncomfortable at first because our parents always taught us not to spend money if you don’t have to; but it’s just money. Money is just a tool for you to use to get where you’re trying to go. So use it.

I hope this helped. Leave a comment below. And share this with a friend.

– Quentin B. Smith

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Quentin B. Smith is the bestselling author of Millennials to Millionaires, recognized automotive dealer, and motivational speaker on personal finance, investing, and entrepreneurship. Mr. Smith’s 2 privately held companies reflect his honest viewpoints on the economy, the middle class mindset, and business have made him a valuable resource for media seeking commentary and insights on real topics that matter. Catch him in highly held finance publications as he urges his followers and associates to Make it Happen and go from Millennials to Millionaires. He currently resides in Salt Lake City, UT with his friends, team, and cars. Visit for his latest blogs, news, tips, and training!



3 Tell-tell signs that you may have the wrong business partner…

Signing on the dotted line
Quentin B. Smith signs on the dotted line for an investment.

1. Make sure they have Good credit.

Over 700. Find out if they have student loans. As a new business owner, you will eventually be applying for loans using your personal credit until your business has established its own credit that is good enough to be run on its own.

Business are usually able to secure larger loans than individuals, making the credit check a little more strengent than normal personal credit applications. You want to make sure you have minimized your debt and your partner has too. 

2. Make sure they haven’t had any run ins with the law.

When looking for investments from outsiders, venture capital firms want to know if they can trust you with their money. How can they trust you if they find that you have two armed robberies on your record. 

If you and your partner are not ethical people, you won’t build an ethical business. Point. blank. period. 

3. Make sure they have kids. lol

I know this sounds counterintuitive, but I prefer to work with partner with a family than a partner without one. People with kids are not playing around. They have mouths to feed…

In conclusion

No matter how much you like a person’s personality, they have to be good on paper too. As you can see, It pays to stay clean and stay out of trouble. Hope this article helps. 

Wishing you success,

– Quentin B. Smith

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Why you need to get the American Express Gold Card:


I just got approved for the American Express Gold card!!!! 💳 It has NO LIMIT… Which is dangerous AF lol 😂 But if used wisely, it can help you earn points on money you already spend, so you can fly for free. 💯 Now, I know what you’re thinking: this dude just wrote a book about being debt-free, and he gets a credit card. 🤔 But, here’s the thing, this is not a credit card, it’s a charge card. There’s a difference. Charge cards have to be paid off in-full every 30 days. So it is a great way to maintain your credit, while staying out of debt and has the available option to #stunt!!! 🤑😂😂


A week later, I was so impressed with the concept of being able to fly for free that I ordered our whole company Gold Cards. I was informed that American Express Business cards allow your team to earn points for the business overtime they swipe, just like the personal cards do. And we buy cars. I literally spent $4k that week and knew that our whole team would be doing the same thing over the summer so this decision would change everything! Now, whenever we buy cars, or gas, or do ads, or anything, we get points that we can spend as incentives for the sales team; like tickets to the Future concert, iPads, and Hawks tickets – without coming out of pocket. The AMEX cards will also allow us to rack up points to fly for free to our business destinations.
Here’s why you need to get the American Express Gold Card:

1. Earn Points – Every swipe is a point or more. When you sign up, you get a 50,000 pain bonus. To put this in perspective, you need 62,000 points to fly to Hawaii from Salt Lake City round trip for 5 days.

2. Safer than a debit – If anybody get this card info, you’re not responsible for any charges you didn’t make.

3. Builds credit – The concept of this card is essentially borrowing money for 30 days, and paying it down, so it builds your credit.

4. Keeps you out of debt – since you have to pay the card balance off in full every month, you never end up back in debt.

5. Has a higher spending limit than debit cards – Most banks will limit your spend to $7,000 a day. I buy cars, so that wasn’t enough for me. With American Express, there is no pre-set spending limit, so if you make large purchases for your business, and you don’t have to worry about them declining you or not having enough credit to execute.

Until next time, Q.

How to unlock your full potential.

Yesterday, We thought about what we want to have, be, and do in the next year…  Now, it’s time to write it down. What do you really want to have in your life? You need something to keep you going. This is what I call “putting a carrot at the end of the stick.” — and the beautiful thing is, it can be whatever carrot you want.


Nobody. That reason why we lose our drive. We don’t set goals that get us excited about pursuing them. Often we write down, settle, and aim for things we already know we can get. And that won’t work, because it’s not challenging enough.

Don’t worry about how you’re going to afford the things you want yet. Just them down. It’s okay to dream. The goal here is to get you thinking about what would get you excited about this first year of the chase. For example, this is my actual dream list for the second half of this year:

Some of these things will talk a while. Some, I can do this weekend. At first you just need to write it down. Then it becomes something that’s on your mind. Once it’s on your mind, it becomes something you need to check off. And all of a sudden, you’re putting in the work to finish your list.

I put in so much work that I completed my first list for this year in 6 months; this is my new one. It’s amazing to see how hard you will be willing to work to get everything done. This is how you motivate yourself. 


Remember, don’t worry about how you will do the things you put on your list. Don’t worry about crossing everything off in the first year. I have a few things that have been on my list for 3 years, but it keeps me going. And that’s the point. 

Thanks for the love and support. Leave a comment below or hit me on Instagram at and share one of your goals this year.  
✌️ – Q

How to use Carrots to keep you motivated.

So I’ve been money conscious my whole life. Watching my parents lose everything made me determined to have something in life. To actually own everything I have. Two years ago, I went on a journey to become debt-free. I have no school-loans. No car note. No credit cards. No mortgage. So, as you can imagine, every dollar that I make now just sits in my account. 

Nowadays, I can buy whatever I want. But I don’t. Because I’m so used to not having what I really want


So, this year I’ve been doing things differently. I’ve written down what I really want in my life. And surprisingly I’ve managed to get almost all of it with 6 months left in the year! How do I manage to keep striving when I don’t have to get out of bed in the morning? Easy. I put a carrot at the end of the stick. — and its whatever carrot I want. 

Quentin smith list of stuff 2016
My list of stuff i want in 2016.

My latest carrot is the new Porsche Macan. It’s a $57,000 truck that can hardly ever see gravel. But, who gives a shit?? I WANT IT. And that’s all that matters. It doesn’t matter how much the carrot is or how much the carrot costs. What matters is that you want it. 


The second half of my logic is that if you really want something you will do whatever it takes to get it. That means you need to put some stipulations on your purchase like, “I’ll get my Porsche truck when I get my first rental property that produces $700 a month.”

I want my truck NOW! So I work hard everyday to get closer to my carrot. And once I get it, I’ll put another carrot up there. And it’ll be whatever carrot I want!

Try it!

What’s on your carrot list? Leave a comment in the comments below.

I just created a “Carrot List” Worksheet lol

Click Here to Download The Carrot List
Click Image to Download your Carrot List

So… a few weeks ago, I wrote a post called How to use Carrots to keep you motivated and it went viral!


I had people calling me, telling me how much they loved the article and how they were starting to implement it into their own lives. And it feels great!

Friends showing love on twitter!

So I decided to create an actual template that you can use to write down your goals and aspirations called the “Carrot List” LMAO. It works best for iPhone, and you can download it here:


Thanks for the love and support guys. Hit me on Instagram if you have any questions. ✌️ – Q

Let me know how you like the worksheet in the comments below: