1 common misconception about perfect timing. ☝️️

Everybody does all this preparation to be successful instead of just actually being successful. They wait on the perfect time or the perfect opportunity to be great. The truth is there’s no such thing as perfect timing. 

Quentin B. Smith's Millennials to Millionaires: The young entrepreneurs guide to getting out of debt
Quentin B. Smith’s Millennials to Millionaires: The young entrepreneurs guide to getting out of debt


‪For the last 2-3 months I’ve been contemplating writing a book about getting out of debt. At first I wanted to write the perfect book, then my online mentor Grant Cardone, Author of 19 self-help and business books, said something that really made sense to me:

Grant says that instead of him focusing on writing the perfect book, he focuses on writing a book. This is so counterintuitive but he has written way more books than anyone else I know and has grown a net worth of over $500 million from using this type of massive action. 

Instead of me trying to wait to write the perfect book, I just wanted to focus on writing a book. I have to trust that I am good enough to do great work whether I spent 10 years on it, or 10 days. (It literally, probably only took me 10 days lol)


I wrote this book because I wanted to provide the information for those that are hungry enough to go and get it. I will admit that I do feel guilty when I am wearing expensive clothes and taking trips and not showing other people how to do it. Because whenever I tell people how to do it they don’t take action, sometimes I feel like it’s a waste of time. But I have to remember that people like us are far and few and somewhere out there there is one person who is dying to get their hands on this information. I believe that everyone’s goal should be to change one persons life before they leave this earth. This is our purpose. So if this book only helps one person, I have done my job.


This new #book, Millennials to Millionaires, is for my friends, the hustlas, the people like you and me, who REALLY want to make a difference and become #successful while we’re still young!!!!


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Millennials to Millionaires: What to do in Year 0. 

So if you look at the chart. Year zero looks pretty easy, right? It’s not. Year zero is the most important year. It’s not just about saving up $1000; you also have to get our of debt. 

What we’ll do is save up $1000 first. That will act as our safety net for emergencies. Once we have that $1000 for emergencies, you won’t have to lean on those credit cards anymore… And once you’re not building up more credit card debt, you can start to knock it down.

I’m shooting a video today to show you exactly how. Be on the lookout and don’t forget to join the Millennials to Millionaires Facebook group. 

– Q

How to unlock your full potential.

Yesterday, We thought about what we want to have, be, and do in the next year…  Now, it’s time to write it down. What do you really want to have in your life? You need something to keep you going. This is what I call “putting a carrot at the end of the stick.” — and the beautiful thing is, it can be whatever carrot you want.


Nobody. That reason why we lose our drive. We don’t set goals that get us excited about pursuing them. Often we write down, settle, and aim for things we already know we can get. And that won’t work, because it’s not challenging enough.

Don’t worry about how you’re going to afford the things you want yet. Just them down. It’s okay to dream. The goal here is to get you thinking about what would get you excited about this first year of the chase. For example, this is my actual dream list for the second half of this year:

Some of these things will talk a while. Some, I can do this weekend. At first you just need to write it down. Then it becomes something that’s on your mind. Once it’s on your mind, it becomes something you need to check off. And all of a sudden, you’re putting in the work to finish your list.

I put in so much work that I completed my first list for this year in 6 months; this is my new one. It’s amazing to see how hard you will be willing to work to get everything done. This is how you motivate yourself. 


Remember, don’t worry about how you will do the things you put on your list. Don’t worry about crossing everything off in the first year. I have a few things that have been on my list for 3 years, but it keeps me going. And that’s the point. 

Thanks for the love and support. Leave a comment below or hit me on Instagram at and share one of your goals this year.  
✌️ – Q

The #Millennials to #Millionaires project. 

So, I had this thought the other day. It’s really easy to make $10,000. And the funny thing about making $10k it’s even easier to make $20k – because you already have the skills and the knowledge. Now, I don’t want to sit up here and say that $2ok is not a lot of money. I mean, you can go to a restaurant and eat no problem, fill your car up. But where’s the fun in that? You get bored, trust me. Im trying to make some real change…

Mil to Mil

The Challenge: Make $1M in 10 years. 

Let’s aim for a real challenge. Let’s make $10k, $20k. Fuck it. $100k! If we can make $20k we can make $100k and it’ll be hard – but that’s the point. BUT – Here’s the thing. When most people think about making money, they think about adding. We multiply. Multiply your money and now you’re $100,000 just got a lot easier. So damn, if we can multiply $20k x 5 to make $100k. You think we’re going to just stop? Why not multiply $100k x 10? That’s a Million Dollars. A Million Dollars.


So this is how we’ll do it. We will focus on doubling our money every year. Simple enough? And we’re starting with just $1000 as follows:

Year 0: $1000 – The first year, we’ll get you out of debt. And start getting $1k put aside for year 1.

Year 1: $2000 – time to start stacking.

Year 2: $4000 – double it. Now, you’ll need to create a business to do this. But I can show you how.

Year 3: $8,000 – do it again. The key to flipping this amount of money will be getting our knowledge and skills up. 📚

Year 4: $16,000 – keep reading.

Year 5: $32,000 – Put a team together of 4-5 people to keep things going.

Year 6: $64,000 – Gain the skills you need to lead a successful team of employees.

Year 7: $128,000 – you’ll need to put together a larger team to flip this kind of money. We’ll learn to manage a large team of employees to get to the next level.

Year 8: $256,000 – Still not enough money. You can still f*ck up a quarter-mil…

Year 9: $512,000

Year 10: $1,024,000 – We did it.  🎉

31 year old Lewis Hamilton on his custom red jet.


The beautiful thing about the Millennials to Millionaires project is that you won’t be alone. We will do this together. And we have a whole community that will push each other. This won’t be an overnight process. This is for people that really want to be rich. For the people that can’t go one night without thinking about making it.

If you’re up for the challenge, The project starts now.

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