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3 reasons why you can’t succeed without a business plan.

Many start up entrepreneurs had the words 'business plan'; it means they have to stop the creative process to write down their ideas. Who would want to do that. Here are a few reasons why you want to:


First, contrary to what most people think, your business plan isn't for you; it's for others. You know what you're going to do already. If anything your business plan with just reconfirm that. Other people need to see your vision even if they are not visionaries and a business plan helps that.


Secondly, there's just something about writing down your plan, or strategy, that makes you think about your process from head to toe. You will be forced at that moment to work out any problematic areas your idea may have – be it financial or legal. You will want to have solutions to these problems before you walk in the meeting and get roasted. 😂


We hear it all the time, people that say have a certain skill or trade and they really don't. When you slap your business plan down on the table fewer people will doubt you then. Imagine being a banker that is considering giving you a business loan, but you don't have a plan… it ain't gonna happen. People need to know that you really intent to do the things you speak about. You have to show that you are committed.


Get one. 😂

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– Quentin B. Smith


How to create work/personal life as an entrepreneur.

All entrepreneurs go through phases from sole proprietor to chairman of the board where their life just gets hectic and they want to have a little time to themselves. Here's how to create work/personal life as an entrepreneur.


Here's the thing, I don't believe in personal life/work life balance. If you want to make it in business, you have to be on at all times. I've found it more stressful to figure out if you are in business mode or personal mode all the time. It's incredibly draining…


The best solution is to just become something in-between your two aliases – a more professional natural you.

Find a happy medium and stop trying to separate the two.

Here's the key, it takes practice. For example, even to this day I'm trying to curse less, but the natural me wants to say whatever needs to be said.


Find a happy medium and stop trying to separate your work/personal life. You need to be ready to work at all times. If you find yourself getting worn out, take a quick weekend trip and get back to it. There's no off button. Being a boss is not a position, it's a personality.

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– Q ✌️

Should you quit your job to start your business?

Many budding entrepreneurs hear those amazing stories about people who got fed up and broke free of the 9-5 cycle by quitting their jobs and never looking back. As much as I'd like to tell you that this is how it will likely go for you, it isn't.

Have a plan and be strategic about it.

In entrepreneurship, it's all about minimizing your risk in order to survive. No matter if you have $100k or $100M you are always in survivor mode. It's more strategic to not take the chance of hopping out there. Your chances are higher if you keep your job, build your business, and then switch over.

The Main Reason

The main reason why I don't suggest quitting your job and hopping out there is because health insurance is f*cking expensive. Can you imagine paying $400 a month just to cover your health insurance while starting a business and having no income? Probably not.

I didn't want to take the chance and decided to join the Air Force to get free health insurance. This may not be an option for you, but consider your job as your benefits safety net.

In Conclusion

If I wasn't clear before, my answer to should I quit my job to start a business is no.

One little trick

Instead of actually quitting your job, just imagine that you've quit your job and that you have to go hard. It will create that pressure that you need to succeed.

Hope this helps,

– Q

Why turning your hobby into a business is not such a good idea. 

I have a people that come up to me all the time with their business ideas and it’s so painful to hear so if the ideas they come up with. People always say do what you love and I couldn’t disagree more. 

What is your goal?

It’s painful to hear their ideas; not because they are bad ideas, but because they don’t make great businesses. When I got into business at 16, I loved design. So I became a graphic designer. 

That was my passion. But that wasn’t my goal. My goal was to get rich AF. So, as you can see, my passion and my goals did not align… When was the last time you met a ballin’ ass/wealthy graphic designer?? 🤔

Keep your hobby, a hobby, for your own sake. 

My second reason not to do what you love is because it takes away the only outlet you have to have fun in life. Imagine getting frustrated at work and wanting to get away from it all, but what used to be your get away is now you work… see what I mean?

I love cars, and own a franchise of car dealerships. Unfortunately, I dont enjoy them like I used to because every time I see a car I start thinking about my business. Don’t do it. Do this instead:

Make money, spend it on your hobby

My advice is always to start a business that is for profit, and use the profit to fund your hobby. I know people that love mountain bikes. They will spend $10,000 on a mountain bike… They use their goal of a $10,000 mountain bike as motivation to do well in business. Win, Win. 

When it comes to turning your hobby into a business, reconsider and start a business the fund your hobby.

Hope this helps,

Be great today,

— Q!

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My fascination with #privatejets is getting ridiculous. 

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– Q