Why You need a $1M in your life.

I love owing people money. I get to not buy what I want so I can give the money to the rich people that own my credit cards every month. Nobody ever says that. Yet, every month that’s what we do. Remember those sunglasses you saw last week? Why didn’t you get them? Don’t lie. You told yourself that you had to “take care of a couple things first” and then you’ll “come back and get them”. Fuck that. Really, you’ve been trying to ‘take care of a couple things’ for years now. When are you going to take care of it?

Guys, it’s time to stop lying to ourselves about the life we want. It’s time to stop telling ourselves that it’s normal to have ‘a couple bills’. Yes, it’s normal. But you know what else is normal? Normal is 62% of Americans have less than $1,000 in their savings accounts.  According to a survey of more than 5,000 adults conducted by Google Consumer Survey (2015) for personal finance website GOBankingRates.com, most Americans, can’t afford a $1000 problem. 

I won’t bash you because that may be your current situation. And that’s why you’re here. But it is no longer an excuse. Other people’s definition of normal is not yours. You need to figure out how you want I live and get excited about finally making that happen this year. 

Before we can get rich, we have to get excited.  We have to figure out what gets us excited. What gets us out of bed. People don’t buy a drill to get a drill. They buy a drill to get a hole. Same thing for you. You won’t make a Million Dollars to have a Million Dollars, you will make a million dollars to have something important in your life. 

Tonight, before you go to bed, think about what you want to have, what you want to do, and what you want to be within the next year. Tomorrow I will show you exactly how to train your mind to get it. 

— Q. 

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The #Millennials to #Millionaires project. 

So, I had this thought the other day. It’s really easy to make $10,000. And the funny thing about making $10k it’s even easier to make $20k – because you already have the skills and the knowledge. Now, I don’t want to sit up here and say that $2ok is not a lot of money. I mean, you can go to a restaurant and eat no problem, fill your car up. But where’s the fun in that? You get bored, trust me. Im trying to make some real change…

Mil to Mil

The Challenge: Make $1M in 10 years. 

Let’s aim for a real challenge. Let’s make $10k, $20k. Fuck it. $100k! If we can make $20k we can make $100k and it’ll be hard – but that’s the point. BUT – Here’s the thing. When most people think about making money, they think about adding. We multiply. Multiply your money and now you’re $100,000 just got a lot easier. So damn, if we can multiply $20k x 5 to make $100k. You think we’re going to just stop? Why not multiply $100k x 10? That’s a Million Dollars. A Million Dollars.


So this is how we’ll do it. We will focus on doubling our money every year. Simple enough? And we’re starting with just $1000 as follows:

Year 0: $1000 – The first year, we’ll get you out of debt. And start getting $1k put aside for year 1.

Year 1: $2000 – time to start stacking.

Year 2: $4000 – double it. Now, you’ll need to create a business to do this. But I can show you how.

Year 3: $8,000 – do it again. The key to flipping this amount of money will be getting our knowledge and skills up. 📚

Year 4: $16,000 – keep reading.

Year 5: $32,000 – Put a team together of 4-5 people to keep things going.

Year 6: $64,000 – Gain the skills you need to lead a successful team of employees.

Year 7: $128,000 – you’ll need to put together a larger team to flip this kind of money. We’ll learn to manage a large team of employees to get to the next level.

Year 8: $256,000 – Still not enough money. You can still f*ck up a quarter-mil…

Year 9: $512,000

Year 10: $1,024,000 – We did it.  🎉

31 year old Lewis Hamilton on his custom red jet.


The beautiful thing about the Millennials to Millionaires project is that you won’t be alone. We will do this together. And we have a whole community that will push each other. This won’t be an overnight process. This is for people that really want to be rich. For the people that can’t go one night without thinking about making it.

If you’re up for the challenge, The project starts now.

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How I’m going to get my jet: Private Jets: Buying the Life:

So I don’t know where this came from, but for the last two weeks I’ve been thinking about buying a jet.

I’ve had ‘fly on a private jet’ on my carrot list for years now, and I finally feel like I should be able to check it off soon. And as cool as one ride would be, do you really think I could just fly once? F*ck no. 

So then, it had me thinking… (And looking on http://jamesedition.com)  If I sell cars, there’s somebody out there that sells planes. And he gets them cheap and sells them high like I do, and so on, and so on… So MAYBE, just maybe, there’s a chance that one day I could get a plane… After all, there are loopholes in everything; you just have to find them. 
So I watched this video and it pretty much confirmed what I thought — I can get a jet. Check this out:

So basically, there are a few ways to own a plane:

1. Buy it. 

Simple enough. But um, I don’t think I’ll need it that much. Plus, my mom would kill me if I spent $14M’s. 

2. Lease it.

Yes, planes are like cars. Just lease it. But still, who flys that much?

3. Fractional Ownership – it. lol

Hmm, okay so you can own as little as 1/16th of a plane. And that means 1/16th of the maintenance. 1/16th of the taxes. 1/16th of the fees. This may work. 

4. Charter it. 

Pretty much an old-school way of saying, rent it. This actually works. But expect to pay out at least $10,000. 

5. Uber for planes: The Jetsmarter App. 

This is a good start. The Jetsmarter app. Just pay $15,000 for your first year, then $10,000 after that. You get your first seat free on each flight, and then each guest is between $500 and $2000. This sounds like a deal to me. 

You can check out the Jetsmarter app and let me know if you try it before I do.

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How to use Carrots to keep you motivated.

So I’ve been money conscious my whole life. Watching my parents lose everything made me determined to have something in life. To actually own everything I have. Two years ago, I went on a journey to become debt-free. I have no school-loans. No car note. No credit cards. No mortgage. So, as you can imagine, every dollar that I make now just sits in my account. 

Nowadays, I can buy whatever I want. But I don’t. Because I’m so used to not having what I really want


So, this year I’ve been doing things differently. I’ve written down what I really want in my life. And surprisingly I’ve managed to get almost all of it with 6 months left in the year! How do I manage to keep striving when I don’t have to get out of bed in the morning? Easy. I put a carrot at the end of the stick. — and its whatever carrot I want. 

Quentin smith list of stuff 2016
My list of stuff i want in 2016.

My latest carrot is the new Porsche Macan. It’s a $57,000 truck that can hardly ever see gravel. But, who gives a shit?? I WANT IT. And that’s all that matters. It doesn’t matter how much the carrot is or how much the carrot costs. What matters is that you want it. 


The second half of my logic is that if you really want something you will do whatever it takes to get it. That means you need to put some stipulations on your purchase like, “I’ll get my Porsche truck when I get my first rental property that produces $700 a month.”

I want my truck NOW! So I work hard everyday to get closer to my carrot. And once I get it, I’ll put another carrot up there. And it’ll be whatever carrot I want!

Try it!

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What makes #millionaires different?

I meet a lot of people that are willing to put in the time to get ahead but not willing to ‘pain it out’. What do I mean? Well, most people go to the gym, right? Let’s say two people go to the gym and spend 30 mins working out. The first guy lifts a 50lb weight for 30 mins and the second guy lifts a 100lb weight for 30 mins. Who’s muscles will look better after a while? The second guy, of course, and they both spent the same amount of time in pain.

Be the second guy. Don’t spend your time enduring average amounts of pain. Go ahead and ‘pain it out’ and pick up that 100lb-er. You could get the same results in less time (100lbs for 15 mins = 50lbs for 30 mins), or do 30 mins and see more results than your competition. It’s going to hurt anyway,

Pain it out!

– Quentin B. Smith

How to set up an account to trade stocks


One of the questions that I’ve been getting the most is, “How do I set up an account to trade stocks?” It’s kind of a lot to type up, so I decided to shoot a quick video.

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