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3 Tell-tell signs that you may have the wrong business partner…

Signing on the dotted line
Quentin B. Smith signs on the dotted line for an investment.

1. Make sure they have Good credit.

Over 700. Find out if they have student loans. As a new business owner, you will eventually be applying for loans using your personal credit until your business has established its own credit that is good enough to be run on its own.

Business are usually able to secure larger loans than individuals, making the credit check a little more strengent than normal personal credit applications. You want to make sure you have minimized your debt and your partner has too. 

2. Make sure they haven’t had any run ins with the law.

When looking for investments from outsiders, venture capital firms want to know if they can trust you with their money. How can they trust you if they find that you have two armed robberies on your record. 

If you and your partner are not ethical people, you won’t build an ethical business. Point. blank. period. 

3. Make sure they have kids. lol

I know this sounds counterintuitive, but I prefer to work with partner with a family than a partner without one. People with kids are not playing around. They have mouths to feed…

In conclusion

No matter how much you like a person’s personality, they have to be good on paper too. As you can see, It pays to stay clean and stay out of trouble. Hope this article helps. 

Wishing you success,

– Quentin B. Smith

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Why turning your hobby into a business is not such a good idea. 

I have a people that come up to me all the time with their business ideas and it’s so painful to hear so if the ideas they come up with. People always say do what you love and I couldn’t disagree more. 

What is your goal?

It’s painful to hear their ideas; not because they are bad ideas, but because they don’t make great businesses. When I got into business at 16, I loved design. So I became a graphic designer. 

That was my passion. But that wasn’t my goal. My goal was to get rich AF. So, as you can see, my passion and my goals did not align… When was the last time you met a ballin’ ass/wealthy graphic designer?? 🤔

Keep your hobby, a hobby, for your own sake. 

My second reason not to do what you love is because it takes away the only outlet you have to have fun in life. Imagine getting frustrated at work and wanting to get away from it all, but what used to be your get away is now you work… see what I mean?

I love cars, and own a franchise of car dealerships. Unfortunately, I dont enjoy them like I used to because every time I see a car I start thinking about my business. Don’t do it. Do this instead:

Make money, spend it on your hobby

My advice is always to start a business that is for profit, and use the profit to fund your hobby. I know people that love mountain bikes. They will spend $10,000 on a mountain bike… They use their goal of a $10,000 mountain bike as motivation to do well in business. Win, Win. 

When it comes to turning your hobby into a business, reconsider and start a business the fund your hobby.

Hope this helps,

Be great today,

— Q!

My fascination with #privatejets is getting ridiculous. 

‪Oval windows signify the ultimate in business achievement and represent the cutting edge in business aviation: #Gulfstream. Their smallest jet will set you back $14M. So, when you see a guy hopping off of a Gulfstream, it goes without spoken expression, that he is indeed a success. Can’t stop til the squad is on top. In 2018, this is how we’re movin. I’m doing everything I can to see to it. 

– Q

1 common misconception about perfect timing. ☝️️

Everybody does all this preparation to be successful instead of just actually being successful. They wait on the perfect time or the perfect opportunity to be great. The truth is there’s no such thing as perfect timing. 

Quentin B. Smith's Millennials to Millionaires: The young entrepreneurs guide to getting out of debt
Quentin B. Smith’s Millennials to Millionaires: The young entrepreneurs guide to getting out of debt


‪For the last 2-3 months I’ve been contemplating writing a book about getting out of debt. At first I wanted to write the perfect book, then my online mentor Grant Cardone, Author of 19 self-help and business books, said something that really made sense to me:

Grant says that instead of him focusing on writing the perfect book, he focuses on writing a book. This is so counterintuitive but he has written way more books than anyone else I know and has grown a net worth of over $500 million from using this type of massive action. 

Instead of me trying to wait to write the perfect book, I just wanted to focus on writing a book. I have to trust that I am good enough to do great work whether I spent 10 years on it, or 10 days. (It literally, probably only took me 10 days lol)


I wrote this book because I wanted to provide the information for those that are hungry enough to go and get it. I will admit that I do feel guilty when I am wearing expensive clothes and taking trips and not showing other people how to do it. Because whenever I tell people how to do it they don’t take action, sometimes I feel like it’s a waste of time. But I have to remember that people like us are far and few and somewhere out there there is one person who is dying to get their hands on this information. I believe that everyone’s goal should be to change one persons life before they leave this earth. This is our purpose. So if this book only helps one person, I have done my job.


This new #book, Millennials to Millionaires, is for my friends, the hustlas, the people like you and me, who REALLY want to make a difference and become #successful while we’re still young!!!!


Let me know if I you are paying attention by leaving a comment below and sharing this with a friend. – Q


Perfect posture, fake smiles, and big words is so 2016. Here why being yourself pays. 😎

Sometimes when we meet new people, we feel the need to change up. We change how we pronounce our words, we sit up straighter, and fake laugh. Ugh. It’s stressful because we’re trying to impress somebody. But there’s no need. It’s better to be yourself from the beginning and here’s why:

  • You can reveal who will not accept you early in the relationship. 

You can avoid wasting 3 months of time getting a project going and realizing that you really don’t like each other enough to build a personal relationship as well. Remember, business is personal.

  • It’s Less stressful 

You won’t have to put so much thought into your body movements, the way you annunciate words, or that thought of what if they find out that I curse like a sailor.

  • It establishes company culture. 

Imagine walking into a building that you own and having to pretend to be somebody else. That’s not right. When you are yourself people that are looking to work with you already understand how you operate and what to expect. When you hire your next team member, they will be recruiting whether you know it or not based on what they tell their colleagues. Eventually a culture will be created where everyone knows what to expect from you and your establishment and what it will take to be a part of the team. 

For example, our used car dealership, Carmerica™ is a team of tigers. We hold back very little in our enthusiasm and we are the hardest working team around. We are also known to play hard… You can see that from each employee’s Instagram pictures and lifestyle that we are all very alike. So, if you ever did decide to come work with us, you already know what the culture is. And best of all, I can just be myself. 

  • Your true colors will show eventually. 

Let’s face it, your true colors will show eventually. It’s only a matter time before a curse word flies out, or a facial expression get shown and people see that you do have an opinion. That you’re not a robot.
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