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3 Common Misconceptions About Getting Rich… 🤑

Nowadays Im spending more money than even Im comfortable with. I mean damn, I just sent both of my parents to Cancun for 4 days – and they are separated. I Never imagined seeing so many transactions on my American Express. Who knew, this lifestyle would be so expensive? I used to think that you could just stop spending money when you want, but it doesn’t work that way; let me tell you why:


You Gotta Spend the Most Money to Get Rich…

I know, it sounds weird. But, as the saying goes, you have to spend money to make money. Most people realize that even after you have your business up and running, your business expenses will increase as you bring in more money. For example; you will have to run more Facebook ads to get more paying customers, and that is fine. But most people don’t realize that your personal expenses will continue to increase too.


Things you can expect to pay for (that you didn’t have to before):

  1. Dinners. You can’t meet with a potential partner without covering the tab. Expect to spend $250-$350 for a nice dinner out. You can’t expect to close the deal without having to pick up a tab or two.
  2. Gas. Gas isn’t expensive, if you just drive to work and back. But chances are you will be picking people up from the airport. Driving around for meetings. Shopping and going on a lot of dates because you finally got your clout up.
  3. Food. Since you will always be on the road, you won’t be eating at home anymore. You have to grab food on the road, in between meetings, at dinner, and at the most expensive place of ALL – the Airport.

Get comfortable with it

Make sure you budget for these upcoming expenses. And don’t try to keep your expenses down. They will naturally need to go up in order for you to expand your business. This will be uncomfortable at first because our parents always taught us not to spend money if you don’t have to; but it’s just money. Money is just a tool for you to use to get where you’re trying to go. So use it.

I hope this helped. Leave a comment below. And share this with a friend.

– Quentin B. Smith

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Quentin B. Smith is the bestselling author of Millennials to Millionaires, recognized automotive dealer, and motivational speaker on personal finance, investing, and entrepreneurship. Mr. Smith’s 2 privately held companies reflect his honest viewpoints on the economy, the middle class mindset, and business have made him a valuable resource for media seeking commentary and insights on real topics that matter. Catch him in highly held finance publications as he urges his followers and associates to Make it Happen and go from Millennials to Millionaires. He currently resides in Salt Lake City, UT with his friends, team, and cars. Visit http://quentinbsmith.com for his latest blogs, news, tips, and training!



8 Crazy Services Every Millennial Entrepreneur Should Be Using

There are a few companies really disturbing the business world, but more importantly, the way we live our daily lives. It’s super hard to get out of our old ways, but lately I’m finding that it’s harder to fight it than to just use these wonderful tools.

As much as I hate to admit it, they really do make things easier. It’s time to embrace these new companies that are really pushing the boundaries because they are here to stay! The future is here. Here are the companies that are changing the way we live, work, and play:


Velocity Black is one of the new subscriptions that I am interested in. It’s a fun service for millennials. No, seriously, its a fun service. Check out this cool vid:



You can use this app to order your groceries. Who likes going to the store anyway? It’s such a chore. Check this out:



Tesla just dropped yet another game-changing vehicle. The 250 MPH coupe, and a semi truck. While many people will be excited about the coop, I am more excited about the semi truck. Here’s why: Walmart has reportedly already ordered five semi trucks which is interesting, because it is a real life example of how transportation is about to change. People think that old industries will go away with the advancement of the Internet and technology. But, no matter how many things you are online, somebody still has to deliver them. Which makes the transportation industry the future of wealth creation and tesla CEO, Elon musk, knows this, man.

Here’s the thing, with 5 models now, everyone can get a Tesla. A Tesla model 3 is $28,000 after tax credits, which is cheap AF for a car that drives itself, and lets you stay productive (use your phone without looking) on the road. Check it out at


It’s a new kind of money. It’s all virtual, and it’s giving the people back control of their money. Came out in 2009 during the financial meltdown, which was perfect timing.

It allows you to send virtually any amount of money to anybody in the world without a trace, without the wait, without the bank, and without the fees. Bitcoin is making a lot of people rich too. It debuted at $0.17 and is now worth $8000. For more information on Bitcoin, and how it works, register for my free bitcoin webinar on how $300 in bitcoin can change your life forever…



Your private driver.

We all know about this app by now. Uber lets you skip the cab and ride in style by delivery if a car and driver to your location. Just use their app. Most of my friends are millennials and have been in more Uber’s than grocery stores, but if you’re reading this to get a grip, check this video out:



Have you ever seen those young ass kids flying on private jets? Chances are, they are using this. This is the sickest app, you may not have heard of. It’s called JetSmarter, and it’s Uber for private jets. For $5000 a year you can take a private jet anywhere 3 hours from your house (driving hours). For $15,000, you can go anywhere in the world pretty much. With flights from NY to London, London to Moscow, and Moscow to Dubai.

You may be thinking $15,000?? 🤔 But, here’s the thing, traditional private jets are $20,000 round trip from Atlanta to Miami – one time. Make sense now? And it’s unlimited. Just pick a seat and go. First seat is free, additional seats are extra. You can even reserve the whole plane.


f you get tired of sleeping in hotels,AirBnb let's you rent an entire home for the same price, and do it all from your phone. Get with it. https://youtu.be/dA2F0qScxrI


WARBY PARKER<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
ut Warby on the list but I think they deserve a major shoutout because they are not actually a tech company like the rest of the companies on this list. Warby Parker actually makes sunglasses and eyeglasses. But, they have embraced technology like no other. In their app you can now find a perfect pair of shades using the iPhone X's Face ID. You don't even have to go to the store. If that's not enough, you can try on the pair in real life and keep them for 7 days before you pay for them. Insane. Check this out:


IN CONCLUSION<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
ber to your vacation home, party all night in some cool shades, all in time to come home to fresh groceries that your paid for all in Bitcoin. Crazy right?

Is this is too much change too soon? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. 👇

– Quentin B. Smith ✌️

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Quentin B. Smith is the bestselling author of Millennials to Millionaires, recognized automotive dealer, and motivational speaker on personal finance, investing, and entrepreneurship. Mr. Smith’s 2 privately held companies reflect his honest viewpoints on the economy, the middle class mindset, and business have made him a valuable resource for media seeking commentary and insights on real topics that matter. Catch him in highly held finance publications as he urges his followers and associates to Make it Happen and go from Millennials to Millionaires. He currently resides in Salt Lake City, UT with his friends, team, and cars. Visit http://quentinbsmith.com for his latest blogs, news, tips, and training!a

You couldn’t imagine what I had to do to make my first $100k…

Where do I begin… A lot of times I don’t post pictures about the grind because most people don’t care about the actual work. They just want to see the cars and clothes. But I know there are some real hustlers out there who will appreciate this.

You couldn’t imagine what I had to do to make my first $100k…

• I had to sell pest control do door-to-door to learn how to sale my ass off. 😂

• I had to work at a car dealership to learn how a dealership works before we launched our own. (Software, Vendors, Training Manuals, Steps to the Sale, Finance and Insurance)

• I had to work at T-Mobile to learn cash handling procedures and retail. (Schedules, Cash delivery, holiday promotions)

• I had to go and get a couple stripes. I joined the Air Force to finish school for free. (Travel the world, Exposure to other cultures)

But no one sees that part. They just see the outcome. What I am trying to say is, You’re going to have to go though HELL and back to achieve your goals.

You have to be willing to do whatever it takes. Make sure you are doing what is best for you before you splurge. 1000% Lock in the life you want before you worry about impressing others.

If that means that you can’t go to a party, or on dates, or buy that car you want then so be it. You’ll be able to do all of that stuff when you get your money right.

Go and get your money right. By any means. Forget what people will think.

MASTER this and you will become unstoppable. 💯

Comment “HUSTLER” for a free e-copy of my book, Millennials to Millionaires 👇👇

Why turning your hobby into a business is not such a good idea. 

I have a people that come up to me all the time with their business ideas and it’s so painful to hear so if the ideas they come up with. People always say do what you love and I couldn’t disagree more. 

What is your goal?

It’s painful to hear their ideas; not because they are bad ideas, but because they don’t make great businesses. When I got into business at 16, I loved design. So I became a graphic designer. 

That was my passion. But that wasn’t my goal. My goal was to get rich AF. So, as you can see, my passion and my goals did not align… When was the last time you met a ballin’ ass/wealthy graphic designer?? 🤔

Keep your hobby, a hobby, for your own sake. 

My second reason not to do what you love is because it takes away the only outlet you have to have fun in life. Imagine getting frustrated at work and wanting to get away from it all, but what used to be your get away is now you work… see what I mean?

I love cars, and own a franchise of car dealerships. Unfortunately, I dont enjoy them like I used to because every time I see a car I start thinking about my business. Don’t do it. Do this instead:

Make money, spend it on your hobby

My advice is always to start a business that is for profit, and use the profit to fund your hobby. I know people that love mountain bikes. They will spend $10,000 on a mountain bike… They use their goal of a $10,000 mountain bike as motivation to do well in business. Win, Win. 

When it comes to turning your hobby into a business, reconsider and start a business the fund your hobby.

Hope this helps,

Be great today,

— Q!

1 common misconception about perfect timing. ☝️️

Everybody does all this preparation to be successful instead of just actually being successful. They wait on the perfect time or the perfect opportunity to be great. The truth is there’s no such thing as perfect timing. 

Quentin B. Smith's Millennials to Millionaires: The young entrepreneurs guide to getting out of debt
Quentin B. Smith’s Millennials to Millionaires: The young entrepreneurs guide to getting out of debt


‪For the last 2-3 months I’ve been contemplating writing a book about getting out of debt. At first I wanted to write the perfect book, then my online mentor Grant Cardone, Author of 19 self-help and business books, said something that really made sense to me:

Grant says that instead of him focusing on writing the perfect book, he focuses on writing a book. This is so counterintuitive but he has written way more books than anyone else I know and has grown a net worth of over $500 million from using this type of massive action. 

Instead of me trying to wait to write the perfect book, I just wanted to focus on writing a book. I have to trust that I am good enough to do great work whether I spent 10 years on it, or 10 days. (It literally, probably only took me 10 days lol)


I wrote this book because I wanted to provide the information for those that are hungry enough to go and get it. I will admit that I do feel guilty when I am wearing expensive clothes and taking trips and not showing other people how to do it. Because whenever I tell people how to do it they don’t take action, sometimes I feel like it’s a waste of time. But I have to remember that people like us are far and few and somewhere out there there is one person who is dying to get their hands on this information. I believe that everyone’s goal should be to change one persons life before they leave this earth. This is our purpose. So if this book only helps one person, I have done my job.


This new #book, Millennials to Millionaires, is for my friends, the hustlas, the people like you and me, who REALLY want to make a difference and become #successful while we’re still young!!!!


Let me know if I you are paying attention by leaving a comment below and sharing this with a friend. – Q


The #Millennials to #Millionaires project. 

So, I had this thought the other day. It’s really easy to make $10,000. And the funny thing about making $10k it’s even easier to make $20k – because you already have the skills and the knowledge. Now, I don’t want to sit up here and say that $2ok is not a lot of money. I mean, you can go to a restaurant and eat no problem, fill your car up. But where’s the fun in that? You get bored, trust me. Im trying to make some real change…

Mil to Mil

The Challenge: Make $1M in 10 years. 

Let’s aim for a real challenge. Let’s make $10k, $20k. Fuck it. $100k! If we can make $20k we can make $100k and it’ll be hard – but that’s the point. BUT – Here’s the thing. When most people think about making money, they think about adding. We multiply. Multiply your money and now you’re $100,000 just got a lot easier. So damn, if we can multiply $20k x 5 to make $100k. You think we’re going to just stop? Why not multiply $100k x 10? That’s a Million Dollars. A Million Dollars.


So this is how we’ll do it. We will focus on doubling our money every year. Simple enough? And we’re starting with just $1000 as follows:

Year 0: $1000 – The first year, we’ll get you out of debt. And start getting $1k put aside for year 1.

Year 1: $2000 – time to start stacking.

Year 2: $4000 – double it. Now, you’ll need to create a business to do this. But I can show you how.

Year 3: $8,000 – do it again. The key to flipping this amount of money will be getting our knowledge and skills up. 📚

Year 4: $16,000 – keep reading.

Year 5: $32,000 – Put a team together of 4-5 people to keep things going.

Year 6: $64,000 – Gain the skills you need to lead a successful team of employees.

Year 7: $128,000 – you’ll need to put together a larger team to flip this kind of money. We’ll learn to manage a large team of employees to get to the next level.

Year 8: $256,000 – Still not enough money. You can still f*ck up a quarter-mil…

Year 9: $512,000

Year 10: $1,024,000 – We did it.  🎉

31 year old Lewis Hamilton on his custom red jet.


The beautiful thing about the Millennials to Millionaires project is that you won’t be alone. We will do this together. And we have a whole community that will push each other. This won’t be an overnight process. This is for people that really want to be rich. For the people that can’t go one night without thinking about making it.

If you’re up for the challenge, The project starts now.

Join and get the first steps to becoming a millionaire:

Join the official FaceBook group

How I’m going to get my jet: Private Jets: Buying the Life:

So I don’t know where this came from, but for the last two weeks I’ve been thinking about buying a jet.

I’ve had ‘fly on a private jet’ on my carrot list for years now, and I finally feel like I should be able to check it off soon. And as cool as one ride would be, do you really think I could just fly once? F*ck no. 

So then, it had me thinking… (And looking on http://jamesedition.com)  If I sell cars, there’s somebody out there that sells planes. And he gets them cheap and sells them high like I do, and so on, and so on… So MAYBE, just maybe, there’s a chance that one day I could get a plane… After all, there are loopholes in everything; you just have to find them. 
So I watched this video and it pretty much confirmed what I thought — I can get a jet. Check this out:

So basically, there are a few ways to own a plane:

1. Buy it. 

Simple enough. But um, I don’t think I’ll need it that much. Plus, my mom would kill me if I spent $14M’s. 

2. Lease it.

Yes, planes are like cars. Just lease it. But still, who flys that much?

3. Fractional Ownership – it. lol

Hmm, okay so you can own as little as 1/16th of a plane. And that means 1/16th of the maintenance. 1/16th of the taxes. 1/16th of the fees. This may work. 

4. Charter it. 

Pretty much an old-school way of saying, rent it. This actually works. But expect to pay out at least $10,000. 

5. Uber for planes: The Jetsmarter App. 

This is a good start. The Jetsmarter app. Just pay $15,000 for your first year, then $10,000 after that. You get your first seat free on each flight, and then each guest is between $500 and $2000. This sounds like a deal to me. 

You can check out the Jetsmarter app and let me know if you try it before I do.

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