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3 reasons why you can’t succeed without a business plan.

Many start up entrepreneurs had the words 'business plan'; it means they have to stop the creative process to write down their ideas. Who would want to do that. Here are a few reasons why you want to:


First, contrary to what most people think, your business plan isn't for you; it's for others. You know what you're going to do already. If anything your business plan with just reconfirm that. Other people need to see your vision even if they are not visionaries and a business plan helps that.


Secondly, there's just something about writing down your plan, or strategy, that makes you think about your process from head to toe. You will be forced at that moment to work out any problematic areas your idea may have – be it financial or legal. You will want to have solutions to these problems before you walk in the meeting and get roasted. 😂


We hear it all the time, people that say have a certain skill or trade and they really don't. When you slap your business plan down on the table fewer people will doubt you then. Imagine being a banker that is considering giving you a business loan, but you don't have a plan… it ain't gonna happen. People need to know that you really intent to do the things you speak about. You have to show that you are committed.


Get one. 😂

I gotta get back to work… Let me know if you have any questions, and drop a comment below.

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– Quentin B. Smith


Why turning your hobby into a business is not such a good idea.ย 

I have a people that come up to me all the time with their business ideas and it’s so painful to hear so if the ideas they come up with. People always say do what you love and I couldn’t disagree more. 

What is your goal?

It’s painful to hear their ideas; not because they are bad ideas, but because they don’t make great businesses. When I got into business at 16, I loved design. So I became a graphic designer. 

That was my passion. But that wasn’t my goal. My goal was to get rich AF. So, as you can see, my passion and my goals did not align… When was the last time you met a ballin’ ass/wealthy graphic designer?? ๐Ÿค”

Keep your hobby, a hobby, for your own sake. 

My second reason not to do what you love is because it takes away the only outlet you have to have fun in life. Imagine getting frustrated at work and wanting to get away from it all, but what used to be your get away is now you work… see what I mean?

I love cars, and own a franchise of car dealerships. Unfortunately, I dont enjoy them like I used to because every time I see a car I start thinking about my business. Don’t do it. Do this instead:

Make money, spend it on your hobby

My advice is always to start a business that is for profit, and use the profit to fund your hobby. I know people that love mountain bikes. They will spend $10,000 on a mountain bike… They use their goal of a $10,000 mountain bike as motivation to do well in business. Win, Win. 

When it comes to turning your hobby into a business, reconsider and start a business the fund your hobby.

Hope this helps,

Be great today,

โ€” Q!

The one and only way to supercharge your 2017.

Everyone wants to know how to get that boost in 2017. I read a book called Leaders eat Last this week and it talked about how much more important things become when itโ€™s a matter of life and death, which got me thinking: Why donโ€™t we treat success like itโ€™s life or death?

Imagine that you know you are going to die on Dec. 31st 2017. How hard would you go?

Why You need a $1M in your life.

I love owing people money. I get to not buy what I want so I can give the money to the rich people that own my credit cards every month. Nobody ever says that. Yet, every month that’s what we do. Remember those sunglasses you saw last week? Why didn’t you get them? Don’t lie. You told yourself that you had to “take care of a couple things first” and then you’ll “come back and get them”. Fuck that. Really, you’ve been trying to ‘take care of a couple things’ for years now. When are you going to take care of it?

Guys, it’s time to stop lying to ourselves about the life we want. It’s time to stop telling ourselves that it’s normal to have ‘a couple bills’. Yes, it’s normal. But you know what else is normal? Normal is 62% of Americans have less than $1,000 in their savings accounts.  According to a survey of more than 5,000 adults conducted by Google Consumer Survey (2015) for personal finance website GOBankingRates.com, most Americans, can’t afford a $1000 problem. 

I won’t bash you because that may be your current situation. And that’s why you’re here. But it is no longer an excuse. Other people’s definition of normal is not yours. You need to figure out how you want I live and get excited about finally making that happen this year. 

Before we can get rich, we have to get excited.  We have to figure out what gets us excited. What gets us out of bed. People don’t buy a drill to get a drill. They buy a drill to get a hole. Same thing for you. You won’t make a Million Dollars to have a Million Dollars, you will make a million dollars to have something important in your life. 

Tonight, before you go to bed, think about what you want to have, what you want to do, and what you want to be within the next year. Tomorrow I will show you exactly how to train your mind to get it. 

โ€” Q. 

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