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3 Tell-tell signs that you may have the wrong business partner…

Signing on the dotted line
Quentin B. Smith signs on the dotted line for an investment.

1. Make sure they have Good credit.

Over 700. Find out if they have student loans. As a new business owner, you will eventually be applying for loans using your personal credit until your business has established its own credit that is good enough to be run on its own.

Business are usually able to secure larger loans than individuals, making the credit check a little more strengent than normal personal credit applications. You want to make sure you have minimized your debt and your partner has too. 

2. Make sure they haven’t had any run ins with the law.

When looking for investments from outsiders, venture capital firms want to know if they can trust you with their money. How can they trust you if they find that you have two armed robberies on your record. 

If you and your partner are not ethical people, you won’t build an ethical business. Point. blank. period. 

3. Make sure they have kids. lol

I know this sounds counterintuitive, but I prefer to work with partner with a family than a partner without one. People with kids are not playing around. They have mouths to feed…

In conclusion

No matter how much you like a person’s personality, they have to be good on paper too. As you can see, It pays to stay clean and stay out of trouble. Hope this article helps. 

Wishing you success,

– Quentin B. Smith

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Why turning your hobby into a business is not such a good idea.ย 

I have a people that come up to me all the time with their business ideas and it’s so painful to hear so if the ideas they come up with. People always say do what you love and I couldn’t disagree more. 

What is your goal?

It’s painful to hear their ideas; not because they are bad ideas, but because they don’t make great businesses. When I got into business at 16, I loved design. So I became a graphic designer. 

That was my passion. But that wasn’t my goal. My goal was to get rich AF. So, as you can see, my passion and my goals did not align… When was the last time you met a ballin’ ass/wealthy graphic designer?? ๐Ÿค”

Keep your hobby, a hobby, for your own sake. 

My second reason not to do what you love is because it takes away the only outlet you have to have fun in life. Imagine getting frustrated at work and wanting to get away from it all, but what used to be your get away is now you work… see what I mean?

I love cars, and own a franchise of car dealerships. Unfortunately, I dont enjoy them like I used to because every time I see a car I start thinking about my business. Don’t do it. Do this instead:

Make money, spend it on your hobby

My advice is always to start a business that is for profit, and use the profit to fund your hobby. I know people that love mountain bikes. They will spend $10,000 on a mountain bike… They use their goal of a $10,000 mountain bike as motivation to do well in business. Win, Win. 

When it comes to turning your hobby into a business, reconsider and start a business the fund your hobby.

Hope this helps,

Be great today,

โ€” Q!

The one and only way to supercharge your 2017.

Everyone wants to know how to get that boost in 2017. I read a book called Leaders eat Last this week and it talked about how much more important things become when itโ€™s a matter of life and death, which got me thinking: Why donโ€™t we treat success like itโ€™s life or death?

Imagine that you know you are going to die on Dec. 31st 2017. How hard would you go?

How to unlock your full potential.

Yesterday, We thought about what we want to have, be, and do in the next year…  Now, it’s time to write it down. What do you really want to have in your life? You need something to keep you going. This is what I call “putting a carrot at the end of the stick.” โ€” and the beautiful thing is, it can be whatever carrot you want.


Nobody. That reason why we lose our drive. We don’t set goals that get us excited about pursuing them. Often we write down, settle, and aim for things we already know we can get. And that won’t work, because it’s not challenging enough.

Don’t worry about how you’re going to afford the things you want yet. Just them down. It’s okay to dream. The goal here is to get you thinking about what would get you excited about this first year of the chase. For example, this is my actual dream list for the second half of this year:

Some of these things will talk a while. Some, I can do this weekend. At first you just need to write it down. Then it becomes something that’s on your mind. Once it’s on your mind, it becomes something you need to check off. And all of a sudden, you’re putting in the work to finish your list.

I put in so much work that I completed my first list for this year in 6 months; this is my new one. It’s amazing to see how hard you will be willing to work to get everything done. This is how you motivate yourself. 


Remember, don’t worry about how you will do the things you put on your list. Don’t worry about crossing everything off in the first year. I have a few things that have been on my list for 3 years, but it keeps me going. And that’s the point. 

Thanks for the love and support. Leave a comment below or hit me on Instagram at http://Instagram.com/iqueglobal and share one of your goals this year.  
โœŒ๏ธ โ€“ Q